Dreamtown CrossFit Teens is a class specifically designed for athletes between the ages of 12-17. The program follows the same programming as our adult CrossFit class.  Typically led by 2 instructors, guaranteeing your child is getting the proper attention.

We offer this program Monday-Friday between 2:50-3:50.  Just like our adult classes, this program will help athletes who play other sports or individuals who are simply looking for an exercise program to get healthy.  Our goals for this program reach far beyond our 4 walls. We created this program to give our Teens a safe environment to work through those emotional tough times of growing up. We also teach what community, integrity, and hard work do for leading a life of success in their future.

At Dreamtown CrossFit we are passionate about changing peoples lives. We feel there is no better way than to start than with our youth. Knowing they will be the stewards of our community moving forward in our effort to fight issues such as type 2 diabetes.  Not only do we teach fitness, but we also teach about how nutrition, sleep and, stress can be huge factors in our health as we move forward as adults.

Dreamtown CrossFit Teens is not available to sign up online. Due to the size and how quickly it has grown, we ask that you come in with your child so we can meet both of you and make sure it is a good fit.  


This program is offered at no cost to the parents. To begin, we offer the same 30-day free trial as our adult program. After the 30-days, the teen will sit down with us to discuss what they would like to offer in exchange for their membership.  We are looking for our Teens to do something that will either help them grow personally or paying it forward to the community. Some examples have been, learning how to cook 2-days a week, volunteering at our local shelter, commitment to excellence with grades or as simple as adding vegetables to every meal. We are open to most ideas as long as it is something they are not currently doing and requires effort on their part.  Sorry teens, making your bed and feeding the dogs isn’t enough. Come in and check it out. We are very proud of the progress our athletes are making inside and outside of Dreamtown!