Sonja Martin

Hi, I'm Sonja (rhymes with "Lasagna"). Truckee became home 10 years ago when my husband and I decided to trade the concrete and traffic of the Bay Area for the beauty and benefits of raising our family in a small mountain town. And with the peaks, rivers, trails and slopes right in our backyard, Truckee has not disappointed!  With all that local play potential it became pretty clear that we needed to get back into shape - we entered our first Crossfit Box and are still at it! 


So why Crossfit? Ahhh, so many reasons... 

I've always been active - I played multiple sports in high school (including volleyball, which is funny to people who know my stature) and then spent the better part of my 20's working as an outdoor instructor and guide. All to say, being strong has always been important me. But I also grew up in the age of Jazzercise, Step Aerobics, leg warmers and fad diets (yea, I'm THAT old) - when the "goal" of exercise was to lose weight, be thin, and at all costs AVOID "bulking up" with weight-lifting.  All these years later, Crossfit introduced me to a new way of being an athlete and a new way of being strong. Crossfit communities honor not what our bodies look like, but what our bodies can DO: we cheer a 300lb deadlift (not size 2 jeans), we celebrate first pull-ups, we honor thick thighs (because thick thighs are powerful and help us lift heavy), and we strive daily to be faster, stronger, healthier than yesterday - THOSE are goals of Crossfit.  


And man, we have an incredible amount of fun doing it! Come in and see for yourself - you'll laugh harder, get more high fives and shared good vibes...ALL while getting stronger than you've ever been. Pinky-promise, it'll happen.



11357 Deerfield Dr

Unit B
Truckee, CA 96161



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